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I have been looking all over this World Wide Web for somewhere I could recycle my colored and black, empty, printer ink cartridges. I mean forever. On my search today for what to write about, I found this site

Here is what they’re all about,

Now there is one place to responsibly and securely dispose of all your computer-related waste, spent supplies and obsolete accessories.  GreenDisk handles all your technotrash disposal needs from a CD to a PC and just about everything in between.  (Want to see a full list of what we take?)  You can stop worrying about what to do with all of that old technotrash piling up in your office, store room, attic, or garage.  Let GreenDisk safely and securely destroy your old data, recover reusable components, and recycle all of the rest of your accumulated technotrash – all at your convenience, at home or at work.

I clicked on the link to find out exactly what they take…

What we take

We accept the following in either the Technotrash Can or the Pack-IT service:

  • All forms of electronic media and their cases: diskettes, zip disks, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs et al, video tape (i.e. VHS), audio tape, game cartridges, DAT, DLT, Beta or Digibeta, and virtually all other type of computer tapes.
  • Hard drives, Zip and Jazz drives, jump drives, etc.
  • All forms of printer cartridges including both inkjet and toner. [Awesome]
  • All types of cell phones, pagers, PDAs and their chargers, cables, and headset accessories
  • All types of rechargeable batteries (not regular alkaline ones) and their chargers
  • All of the small computer accessories such as MP3 players, iPods, digital cameras, hand-held scanners, handheld games and other connected devices.  (Technotrash Can Only)
  • All of the cords, cables, boards, chips, etc. attached to or removed from a computer.
  • Laptop computers.  (Technotrash Can Only)

Note: We do not accept CPUs, monitors, printers, or other components in the Technotrash Can or Pack-IT service.  Please use the Computer and Component Recycling Service for those items.  We do accept laptops in the Technotrash Can program, not the Pack-IT Service.  To maximize our internal efficiency in operations and to minimize cost, our facilities and processes vary by type of service provided. So, not all facilities are set up to effectively recycle all the materials we take.

We accept the following in our Computer and Component Recycling Program.

Computer System Option: Includes the processing and shipping of a full computer system – CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and associated cables.  This program is a two box service. Pack the monitor in one box and the CPU, keyboard, mouse, etc. in the other. Note that the monitor must be 17 inches or less.

Single Component Option: Includes the processing and shipping of a SINGLE monitor (must be 17 inches or less), CPU (with associated keyboard, cables, and mice), laptop, or peripheral.  Peripheral devices include printers, fax machines, and scanners.

A special laptop program makes it easy for you to recycle your old laptop with certified assurance that the private or proprietary data will be systematically destroyed.  We make sure that your computer is recycled and that your data is not.


I knew there had to be some place that took the million failed-to-burn, wasted cds I had…I knew it. I had already made the commitment to make some art out of the next throw away cds I screwed up, but was not looking forward to it. I always think of cd art as a late 80’s, early 90’s kind of thing, and I don’t like the 80’s or early 90’s genre at all… It cost a bit of money to recyle yor technotrash, like $7, plus shipping for 20 pounds of technotrash, but it is the only place I have found so far that takes these printer cartridges. If someone knows of a free service, or even local drop-offs for such things, please post a comment about it to let me and other people know. Until then I will hoard my technotrash until I have 20lbs to ship…exciting. :P I’ll let you know how it goes.

Good times.


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