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It’s Friday, which means it is time for green shopping ideas and alternatives to unsustainable consumerism. :) Yay!


First, let’s start with the Rust Belt company. Rust Belt is a collaborative work of two designers, Anna Bario, of Field & Fountain, and Page Neal, of F190 [there isn’t a web site yet, at least not one I could find]. It is a line of casual jewelry that is crafted from re-purposed materials [like salvaged metals and chains] using low-impact, environmentally conscious practices. The designers launched Rust Belt with a concern for “working in an industry of luxury built on mining and refining systems that have enormously negative environmental & social impacts.” Bario and Neal came together to create the Alluvial collection. I bought the Oji Ring from the Alluvial collection for Marine and my one year anniversary and love the one-size-fits-all, textured sterling silver double band. It is just so beautiful and bright. I love not only the ring, but the packaging and concept. Nice work ladies!!!




Next, my new favorite bag…flip & tumble. I got one today and love it. The picture above is what the bag looks like open and here is what mine looks like when I’m not using it…

Ball BAg

It is easy to throw in my other bag, to have whenever I need it. It is a delight as it weighs nothing. It is also really easy to ball back up, which is important. To watch a video on how it all works, click here. I’ll see how it takes to weight, but so far so good [again I have only used it once and had it less than 24 hours. :D].


Glose Vase

Lastly are products I have not used yet, but seems cool. They are Rechargeable Atmosphere Bowls and Vases, which allows you to control 7 color combinations to change at random or to be set at a particular color. Only three hours on the included smart charger will provide a decorative and fun glow to an area for up to 8 – 10 hours continuously. Each bowl and vase is dishwasher safe and includes an environmentally friendly Ni-Mh AA battery.

Why they are Green…

* Reduces the use of non-renewable resources
* Utilizes LED lights
* Smart charger prevents overcharging and wasted electricity




Livestock production is responsible for 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions measured in CO2 equivalent, a share 38 percent higher than that emitted by all the world’s vehicles. Domesticated animals worldwide are the source of 37 percent of all human-induced methane, with most of that coming from intestinal fermentation of ruminants. They also are the source of 65 percent of human-induced nitrous oxide, the great majority from manure. Methane and nitrous oxide are exceedingly more potent greenhouse gases than carbon dioxide. Livestock are also behind almost two-thirds of all human-induced ammonia emissions, which contribute significantly to acidification of ecosystems.

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