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No Impact Man

I found this blog the other day called, No Impact Man. I forget what I had googled, but it came up. It is written by a man named, Colin Beavan.

I read the header which states, “A Guilty Liberal Finally Snaps, Swears Off Plastic, Goes Organic, Becomes A Bicycle Nazi, Turns Off His Power, Composts His Poop and, While Living In New York City, Generally Turns Into a Tree-Hugging Lunatic Who Tries to Save the Polar Bears and The Rest of the Planet from Environmental Catastrophe While Dragging His Baby Daughter and Prada-Wearing, Four Seasons-Loving Wife Along for the Ride.” . I could go no further at that moment, I was already exhausted and delving deeper into this blog seemed as though it would be a momentous endeavor to take on, so I bookmarked it for a later day.

Today was that day. I went to the site and started to read his entry, How I Don’t Blow My Brains Out and already, just with the title, I thought this might be good. It turned out it was an awesome entry. :) It has been a rough week and it is a dark and rainy day in New York City, it is what I needed at this moment. It is about the importance of being positive.

My favorite part is when Beavan writes, “So when I think of catastrophes, I try to think about all the wonderful people who are trying, against all odds, to help. When I wonder where God is in the horrible mess, I try to think that he/she/it resides in their hearts.

That’s what I’m talking about.



Results from two major studies involving tens of thousands of subjects–one in the UK (University of Leads, 2007), the other in the U.S. (Nurses’ Health Study, 2006)–suggest that the more red meat a woman eats the more she is at risk for breast cancer, regardless of her age. Suspected culprits include saturated fat, growth hormones fed to cattle, heme iron (only in red meat), and heterocyclic amines (carcinogens produced during the cooking process).

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I start many things with good intentions, many, many things. This time I intend to stay focused. This time I will not leave behind what I started. This time it is larger and more important than my obsession with Martha Stewart, all design shows, and Teresa Witherspoon. :P This time it is about the greater good...this time I am serious.

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