It’s a theme within a theme day. This shopping entry is going to cover green bath products, so let’s get started.

soap pouch

I remember when I was a kid and my Nana and Papa’s house they always had a soap pouch in their shower. They didn’t use it for a new soap bar, but you know when the soap gets so small you can’t do much with; well they would take all the small slivers and keep them in the pouch. This way no soap ever went to waste. My Papa grew up really poor and lived through the depression, so he knew how to make every penny count. He taught me a lot in this aspect. I remember sticking my finger into every pay phone slot we walked by and jingling the handle. You’d be surprised, I got a lot of money that way growing up. He is the best.

wash me

Fair trade, 100% organic cotton and dyed with natural, metal-free colors frog washcloth. I just think it is so cute.

tip this

I think q-tips are the greatest invention and yes I throw caution to the wind and stick them in my ears every morning after my shower. I think they are great and organic.

Don’t be dirty.