Day 141 - Notebooks

Notebooks and Marine

I am not going repeat what I already wrote here. A quick synopsis, starting August 1st, 2010 I will publish a picture I take that day everyday for a year (well to be exact I will do this everyday until July 31st, 2011). This is the 141st of those photographs. Also, there is a Flickr collection called “The Awesome Leftovers” where I put the daily shots (if any) that didn’t make the cut.

The other day after brunch, Marine and I stumbled into this store called Top Hat across the street from Baby Cakes (an awesome vegan bakery). They have all sorts of cool stuff like a record that sounds like rain and never ends…snowballs…old pencils, a million different colored tapes, notebooks, string calendars… You must go check out these super fly, little, strange artifacts in this store. The owner, Nina Allen, also has a wholesale company Sweet Bella. I love the telephones! A lot of the stuff on the site is sold in the brick and mortar shop.

Here’s the rest of the shots, including some cute vegan shoes from MooShoesDay 141 – Marine and I LES.