New York Magazine

In January of this year I mysteriously started receiving New York magazine. I have no idea where it came from, but 21 issues later, two separate addresses, no gift subscription notice and never one bill, she still arrives in my box a couple times a month.  The crazy thing is I don’t think any of my friends would get me a magazine subscription as a gift.  I used to go on and on about how they are nothing but a waste of paper and information readily available online.

Here’s the catch, I love this magazine. I love when I unlock my mailbox and it falls out. I love the feel of it, the touch, the articles, photos, events, trivia bits drawn in corners, the smell. I don’t think I ever got that before. People’s love of magazines.

My dilemma, being green is how militant should I be?  Here’s what I do know, I may never resubscribe if New York magazine stops coming, but I’ll never cancel it either.

I’m just sayin’.