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I found the INSIDE OUT project through TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design). The deal is someone takes a close-up picture of you in front of a plain background, you submit the photo telling them what you stand for, care about, your story, they send you back a poster of your photo, you put it up somewhere public, take a photo of it and then upload it here. With the help of my amazing photographer, Denise Espinal, I am submitting my photo to, using art to change the world.

What is the point you may be wondering. It was JR, a graffiti/street artist from France who came up with the idea, “to use art to turn the world inside out”,  at TED2011. Check out this video, it’s bad ass. It makes you see how doing something so simple changes people’s perception with a positive outcome. One person pushing forward, I like that.



“I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world… INSIDE OUT.” – JR

You should do it. Let me know.

– Cara

Binary Queer Organic Shirt

Super exciting news, Be Nice, the organic t-shirt super store, has updated their Binary Queer tee.  It”s now louder and prouder than ever before. A homage to all the nerdy, queer girls and boys out there!

Pretty sweet. :]


Please watch this video and share. These cats are about to be euthanized and need people to help save them, even if it is only to temporarily foster.  Who wants to save a cute baby off death row? I have two shelter rescues myself and they are the bomb!

Here is a link with more pictures of the cats that need your help and more information on how to help,

Please at least watch and share with others.


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Mushpa y Mensa Site

All About Me

I start many things with good intentions, many, many things. This time I intend to stay focused. This time I will not leave behind what I started. This time it is larger and more important than my obsession with Martha Stewart, all design shows, and Teresa Witherspoon. :P This time it is about the greater good...this time I am serious.

Wanna cool, original, organic cotton, handmade, super fresh t-shirt? Yes you do...

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