I think my first post, The First Day After An Inconvenient Truth, explains what inspired me to start this blog, but not what I want this blog to be about. I will explain that here.

For one, I would like to post something new everyday, that will somehow, hopefully make a positive difference in the world. Second, I want to raise awareness of things going on and supply information on simple ways to make a difference. I think this is important for people like me, who have gotten so overwhelmed by what is happening in this world that they have stopped doing anything at all. What I hope to achieve here is find positive types of projects, petitions, or something to do that initiates change for the betterment of humanity. An Inconvenient Truth made me realize that things seem much bigger and impossible than they actually are.

I hope to get feedback from people and/or any help with other links or other opinions, thoughts, grand ideas, etc. It is always welcomed and desired.

I am excited. :)