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I am not going repeat what I already wrote here. A quick synopsis, starting August 1st, 2010 I will publish a picture I take that day everyday for a year (well to be exact I will do this everyday until July 31st, 2011). This is the second of those photos.

Today I realized I seem to have many pictures to choose from, so much so that it is hard to choose just one. I am going to start a Flickr collection called “The Awesome Leftovers” and put in daily the shots that don’t make the cut. For toady’s almosts go here, Day 2 – The Outs.

I also ran out of batteries on my Canon PowerShot S31S first thing this morning. My batteries are rechargeable so it is not like I would go buy more, and of course the charger was at home. :\ Lesson learned, bring extra charged batteries just in case.

I have a few cameras, even ancient ones that I am looking forward to using. I will state what camera I used each day. For example, some of my shots today were using my myTouch 3G Slide camera, since my batteries went dead in the morning. Which by the way, in the bright light of the sun takes amazing pictures, reminiscent of my Nokia 3650’s camera (Trivia Fact: It was also the first phone with an integrated camera delivered to North America.).  I loved that phone back in the day. The only one ever stolen from me…

There are some more shots here from today that did not make the cut. Some are of my desk taking with my Canon PowerShot S31S and some are of this trash art in Dontown Brooklyn, near where I work. To be exact it is this one big tree, a bench I think, cement patch at Flatbush and 3rd Avenue, Downtown Brooklyn. A little art in the middle of nowhere. My friend Paola Chica is standing in the background waiting patiently. I took the outside shots with my myTouch 3G Slide camera. I’m telling you a great camera.

Okay, on with the show. This is a part of my desk at my job.  This computer figure is from a Kinder Surprise which came into the states all the way from France.

I am the head of IT which my office represents well as you can see.


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