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Krank Lamp

I found this lamp on I love the design. It reminds me of something you would find in a 50’s fallout shelter, well what I imagine you would find in a 50’s fallout shelter as I have never been in one! :)

US designer Efrain E. Velez says the Krank was inspired by the shape and function of an old-fashioned mechanical drill. It uses the principle of magnetic induction [the process that makes a substance magnetic (temporarily or permanently).]. You crank the handle, which agitates a magnet surrounded by a copper coil and after a minute of that there is sufficient voltage to power the L.E.D.s for 40 to 60 minutes of light.

The Krank design features a recycled body made from aluminum parts, so it is double green, no electricity and recycled parts.

Nice work.



Of all the animals in America who suffer cruelty, 95 percent of them are farmed animals. Designated as economic units, they have conveniently been stripped of all protections against abuse. At the federal level, the Animal Welfare Act simply does not apply to farmed animals. At the state level, where laws might pick up the slack, anti-cruelty statutes are either not enforced or have, in recent years, been re-written to exclude farmed animals. In the case of the latter, if a farming practice is established as “accepted,” “common,” “customary,” or “normal”–no matter how inhumane–anti-cruelty protections are overridden. In essence, it’s the criminals dictating the laws to suit their designs.

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