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Yesterday’s blog entry was all about air conditioners. In it I wrote ten tips to fight the heat, number 9 was, “Wear a wide-brimmed, vented hat or use an umbrella because your head absorbs the heat, fast and easy.” This is what will be covered in today’s shopping entry.

This is the women’s Solar Roller Hat. According to Altrec, its SolarShield fabric provides a protection rating of UPF 30+ for bright days on the trail. A broad foam-stiffened brim creates shade, while a Coolmax® mesh headband manages moisture. An external drawcord adjustment and a removable chin cord keep the Solar Roller secure through sunset’s gusts.

I also think it looks cute. :)

Dumb Donald

The Beanie Hat is 100% cotton with two eyeholes in the brim to pull off your Dumb Donald (He was the kid who wore a pink stocking cap with eye holes on Fat Albert, and was prone to poor judgment.) look. The hat is available at in both camel and a darker mushroom color for £35…more in American money…I loved Fat Albert growing up.

Fan Head

The Safari Solar Hat’s solar and battery-powered fan keeps you chilled. Cool hat for a hot day, on a safari, picnic, watching a game played outside, at the beach, whatever it may be.

A weatherproof hat of natural linen straw uses a built-in solar cell or 2 “AA” batteries to power a small fan that directs a constant cooling breeze to your forehead. It then works in or out of the sun. May I suggest using rechargeable batteries.

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