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Clemmy and I were hanging out one night at the Brooklyn Bowl talking about life, love, etc. I was telling her I remembered when I was younger hearing this story of the mythology of love. The way I heard it was originally the Gods created people in twos. They were put together as one in three different ways, two women, two men, and a man and a woman. They were so happy and fulfilled with each other they cared nothing for the Gods that had created them. This infuriated Zeus so much so, that he sent lightning bolts down separating them from one another.

Afterwords, the Gods sent hurricanes, floods and fierce winds to blow humans away from themselves. Aphrodite, seeing their sadness and loss, felt so sorry for them she connected their souls with the memory of the other. This search then outweighed all else. Zeus, displeased again, erased the memory of the other half of their soul, but he could not erase the longing. That longing is love.

We instinctively continue to search for the one who our love belongs to and most make mistakes along the way. The one thing is, our soul never does. It never will.

You know the story.


P.S. – After I told Clemmy this she asked me if I knew about that song by Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Origin of Love. Which I had not, so she sent me the link to this video above, which I think is super fresh and inspired this entry, so thanks Clemmy. :]

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