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Why I Didn’t

Of course.
I was going to, you know.
Or maybe you didn’t.

Already my mouth gone soft
when you kissed me good night
and let me go.

But instead of love
there was only an old sleeping bag
you tossed at me and three
flea bites on my belly
the next morning.
You didn’t know that,
did you?

I didn’t think so.

Nor your name I stole
and took with me
all the way from San Antonio
to Puerto Escondido.

And today when I waited
for your pickup to appear,
I’ll be right back, and left me there
on your porch full of suitcases and
crates and saws and cedar,

I went into your room
and lay down on your bed
just to see if it’d suit me.
The sheets were cool
and a fine talc of dust lay everywhere
the way some men who live alone
are used to living.

Oh I’m scared all right
Haven’t you noticed, I’m
only shy when I like a man.
And to tell the truth
I’m not sure love is worth
the risk of losing friendship.

It would’ve been easy.
I could’ve claimed
I was afraid of the dark.
I am, you know. Afraid I mean.

But there was that plane
to catch the next morning.
And you had to go to work.

Besides, I was sleepy.
And love, that fish too old to get away,
will be there the next morning. And if not,
there are other mornings, other fish.

-Sandra Cisneros

Oh love you’re so crazy…


Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros

I found this book, ‘Loose Woman‘, by Sandra Cisneros when I was searching for something good to read in the Strand the other night and I think she is way fresh! I read, ‘Woman Hollering Creek: And Other Stories‘ by her, but that was like 1000 years ago and didn’t realize it till I wrote this entry. Life…

Love Poem For The Non-Believer

Because I miss

you   I run my hand

along the flat of my thigh

curve of the hip

mango of the ass   Imagine

it your hand across

the thrum of ribs

arpeggio of the breasts

collarbones you adore

that I don’t


My neck is thin

You could cup

it with one hand

Yank the life from me

if you wanted


I’ve cut my hair

You can’t tug

my hair anymore

A jet of black

through the fingers now


Your hands cool

along the jaw

skin of the eyelids

nape of the neck

soft as a mouth


And when we open like apple

split each other in half and

have seen the heart

of the heart

of the heart   that part

you don’t   I don’t

show anyone   the part

we want to reel


back as soon as it

is suddenly unreeled like silk

flag or the prayer call

of a Mohammed   we won’t

have a word for this except

perhaps   religion


– Sandra Cisneros

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